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Moving Soon. Goodbye Austin : (

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 2007 11:10 PM

Kevin's work going away party. They all made Kevin masks. As you can see he works with a lot of super cool girls. Can you find the real Kevin?

Miguel, me, Kevin and Alex at his going away party.
Getting ready on the trapeze at the Crossings.
This is the trapeze crew. Very fun group.
Shauna was daring enough to give it a try with me. Like her shirt?

It’s been a while before I wrote. This will be a choppy and random entry. Once I get moved I’ll get a lot better at this.

The house is officially sold, Kevin has already moved back to Michigan, and I move this Friday Nov 30th. Kevin was delayed a day because he got really sick and was in bed the whole day he was supposed to be moving. I think I gave it to him. We both almost had 102 degree fevers last week. I know I told everyone I would be moving more around Dec 14th, but our new house will be available a lot earlier, so I’m on my way out. My mom is flying out here Friday and we’re getting on the road the same day. Goodbye Austin.

I’m depressed. My house looks like crap. I’m crazy about decorating and having a house looking nice, so seeing it like this (empty, messy and half packed) is bringing me down. The weather here doesn’t help either. Haven’t seen the sun in days. I say it’s Austin’s way of making sure I’m ready to deal with the weather in Michigan. I miss Kevin too. I'm also very sad to be leaving Austin and so many friends.

My CA2729 (tumor marker blood test) came back higher than last time. This was a huge blow to me. I used to look forward to getting my results but that was because they were going down. It went up from 249 to 263. This is the first time it went up since I started treatment. We took another a week later to see what’s really happening and I get the results tomorrow. Now I’m scared to get the results. Wish I had Kevin. He’s great for my random breakdowns. I also realized that I AM NOT okay with this metastatic breast cancer thing (mentally). I thought I was, but that was when I was getting treated, tumors were shrinking and the blood test was going down every time. Once I got this result my stomach dropped to the ground and I was scared as hell. I’m over it now and I still feel good. However, I will be seeking out a therapist who deals with this once I get to Michigan. The thought of treatment not working is scary. I sound negative but sometimes I just need to vent, complain, and feel sorry for myself.

On a lighter note, I took trapeze classes with my friend Shauna. It was so much fun and kind of scary. Very cool though. I did really good and Kevin got it on video. They taught us to swing by our hands, then swing by our legs, and then have the guy catch us and swing us. After that they had us try to jump in mid air and grab the original bar we were swinging on. I was the only one in the class who was able to do it. I know I’m bragging.

My friend’s (Michelle and Tim) had an awesome Thanksgiving feast for all the Michigan people without families in town. I love going there every year. I’m going to miss it. I also kicked some serious ass in a game of Monopoly after. I had hotels everywhere. Matt O’Connor really wants a rematch to redeem himself, but I’m not sure we’ll have time to do so before I move. I’ll just have to leave Austin as the Monopoly champion. He he

I’m supposed to have a girls night on Tuesday with Michele, Lindsey, Angela, Shannon, Mandy, Brianna, Rhonda…I don’t know who else is planning on coming over. What great friends though. Bringing dinner over and keeping me company while I’m all alone. Chloe is keeping me company too.

I’m really looking forward to moving home too. Mixed feelings all over the place. Kevin’s brother Keith got us tickets to the Lions Kansas City game Dec 23rd. We get to go on the field and everything. Yeah! Now that’s something to look forward to. I can’t wait to live in a city that has professional sports teams. I’m sure we will be going to a lot of Pistons, Lions, Red Wings, and Tigers games. Yeah!

Lastly, I’d like to say one thing I am thankful for since its Thanksgiving time and all. I am thankful for the last 10 hairs on my right eyebrow hanging on for dear life. They make it so much easier for me to paint eyebrows on and rest at ease that at least part of them looks real. All the other hairs fell out so fast, but those troopers are still hanging on. I have about 15 on the left eyebrow and I am thankful for them as well.

Okay, some other things I am thankful for. My family who I will see soon, old friends from Michigan, all my friends in Austin who have helped me get through the past two years, KEVIN my hero, Chloe the world’s best cat EVER, my juicer that is keeping my diet very healthy and lets me actually get the recommended amount of veggies every day. Oh, the list goes on, but I have to get going and pack some more. (Something I am NOT thankful for)

Kevin had a really great going away work party. They made masks that were Kevin’s face and all the girls at the party wore them. It was hilarious. I put those pics up and pictures of the Trapeze class.

Okay everyone. This will be the last entry until I am back in MI. I look forward to having more time so I can write entries a lot more often and I won’t have to always be recapping the last two weeks of events in one journal entry.

Goodbye Austin, Hello Michigan (and my snowboard)

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