Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chemo #3 Down (Finally a break and some good days)

SATURDAY, JANUARY 07, 2006 09:25 AM

My Dad out at our house. He shaved his head to support me.
Yep, I am completely bald now.
He has a timer on his camera.
This is my wig. I think it looks like a wig. People do ask me where I get my hair highlighted though. We did venture out to the Cheesecake Factory but sat outside to stay away from everyone.

It’s been over a week since my last chemo treatment. I’d have to say this has been the best treatment yet. They got the IV on the first try. Holy Crap!! I asked the nurse at UofM if I could take her to Austin with me to do my next IV for Chemo. The worst part about this has been the trouble starting my IVs and drawing blood. My white blood counts are once again extremely low so I cannot be around many people at all. It’s usually one week after chemo when my blood counts bottom out I have been fighting a little cold this week, but other than that, I have been feeling fine. I have new anti-nausea medicine that I tried out for this treatment and I like it a lot. The constant headache I had before was caused by the last stuff I was on. With the new medicine I actually have days where I don’t have a headache. What a relief. I also think the awesome weather in Austin has something to do with me feeling good this week. It’s been up in the 80s and 70s this week and sunny every day. I was outside a lot this week, which is a big thing since I don’t really go anywhere but the doctors office.

My dad was out staying with me this week. We did a couple projects around the house, went on bike rides, walks, played the guitar, and hung around watching movies a lot. It was really nice having some company during the day. One thing I have been learning through chemo is you have good days (or weeks) and you have bad days. While I was in the hospital in Michigan, I was thinking I wouldn’t make it through this. I’m sure I have more rough time ahead, but it’s nice to know I will probably get a break once in a while when I have my good days.

I have to thank everyone for the flood of offers to help us after my last entry. Since my dad was out here this week, we had all the help we needed and then some. I’ve had numerous offers to help make meals and do shopping runs. Thank you Riata crew for offering to help as well. One day we will take someone up on the offer. I know I keep saying that, but one day it will come true. For now we’ll just be happy that we’re doing fine.

Let me just say that the worst thing about this is the isolation. I cannot wait to be around all my friends and family. I’m already planning the big “Chemo’s Over” celebration. Everyone is invited. I told Kevin I am going to be walking around talking to everyone and giving hugs and kisses.

I want to thank everyone once again. Thank you for phone calls, emails, hospitality, for staying with us, sharing your own personal stories, offering to cook shop and clean etc etc… I cannot keep up with the thank yous, but that goes to show how great you all are.

Stay classy

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