Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forgot to Mention I Had a 1 Year Anniversary

FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2008 09:01 AM

Can't believe it's been a year.

Well I kind of feel like a jerk. As I went on and on about what has hapened since last journal entry I forgot to mention one very important event.....our 1 year anniversary. Can you believe it? It's been one year since Kevin and I were married. It seems like the year flew by but the wedding seems so far (and so much hair length) away.

Well, so far so good with the hubby. I think I'll keep him ; )
We went on an anniversary bike ride and had a very nice day together. We might get a porch swing as a gift to the both of us. We figure it will help us spend more time together without a TV in front of us. It will also help with relaxation. Once we are willing to spend the money.

I just wanted to tell you all that we have had one wonderful year together. I LOVE Kevin and I couldn't be happier. He has been my rock through everything. He is one amazing man. I would love to see anyone in the world try to be as supportive of me (every second of every day) like he is and even be half as successful. He's pretty hot too. One day he had to stop in to bring me something in my support group meeting and it took about 5 minutes for the comments about how cute my husband was to die down.

So, even though he doesn't know it....lets make this Kevin Day. Send him a text message and say Happy Kevin Day!!! (he can't answer phone calls very well during the day). After about 5pm (we'll be driving to Chicago) call him to tell him Happy Kevin Day!!! He's going to be like, "What the heck???" Kevin has done so many nice things for so many people. He is a genuinely loving individual.

That's all. Just wanted to tell everyone that I love Kevin.

Happy Kevin Day!!!

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