Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cool Cancer Do

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2005 09:31 AM

Before the razor came out. Not to happy.
For real, NOT HAPPY. More scared than anything.
It was an itchy process.
Trying to be happy about my new do.

I now have a mow-hawk as you can see. I teared up a little, but none ran down my face. Kevin keeps saying I look cute. My head is cold. My good friends Jessica and Joe were there to help us. Kevin started to shave me and Joe took over. He is experienced at shaving his own head. Jessica was holding my hand as I saw the clumps of hair fall out. I didn't do this prematurely. My hair was falling out so fast that I couldn’t wash it or even comb it or tons of hairs would fall out. I showed one of Kevin's work friends how it was falling out and tugged on my hair a little and a huge clump came out and scared both of us. That's when I knew we were going home and shaving my head. Thank you Jessi and Joe for being there and cutting my hair. It means a lot.

I still feel okay from the second Chemo. I feel a little groggy and of course I have a really bad headache. I am sleeping well which is the best thing of all. I have to take Ambien to make that happen, but so be it, if I am not going to stay up all night having horrible nightmares (the steriods made me crazy and I would have crazy nightmares all the time). Two nights so far and perfect sleep. Yeah!! Hope you all enjoy my mow-hawk. It might be short lived at the rate my hair is falling out. I go home in four days. Yeah!!


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