Saturday, September 27, 2008

Now That's More Like It: Here is a Much Better Article

SATURDAY, MAY 31, 2008 11:56 AM

Me and Kev at the Komen race

Patti, Edie, me, Wendy, Lauren, Kevin and Kevin (Roger took the picture)

Holding the "under 1 year survivor" sign when I was almost a 3 year survivor.

You all rock. I love you so much. Thank you Uncle David for sharing your story. It does provide another example how reporters can completely turn a story into whatever they want it to be. The venting helped and I was fine today. Like I said, I have a 1 day turn around on something that really upsets me.

First, I want to share another news story done on me a lot more tastefully. I spoke with Sharon Dargay of the Eccentric newspaper in Rochester and Birmingham area. I basically told Sharon all the same exact information I shared with Kim and she made a much more positive, inspiring story about me. She mentioned how I love doing all charity races, and how I went to a health institute. Take a look for yourself. Now that is how you write an article for Race for the Cure. This whole article I will keep and save. Take a look. I happily share this article with everyone.

The race was great. I was part of the opening ceremony and I was supposed to hold the 1 year survivor sign (even though I am over a 2 1/2 year survivor). Then, right as they were moving us to the stage the only sign left for me to hold was the under 1 year survivor sign. I didn't want to go up there, but they didn't have anyone else and they were walking us up to the stage right then. So, I held the sign while Kevin laughed at me and took pictures. I'll get them up on the sight. It was okay though because the girl next to me holding the 1 year survivor sign was really a 3 year survivor.

Anyway, I just wanted you all to see a good article on me and let you know that I thank you all for being there for me while I dealt with that annoying article.
Love you all and lesson #1 from Hippocrates will be coming soon.

Smiles and sunshine

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